Hip Hop Uncovered


Coming to FX in 2021!

"Hip Hop Uncovered," a six-part docuseries about the dying breed of power brokers who operate from the shadows of hip hop, is currently in production at FX. It's a deep dive into the paradox of America’s criminalization of the genre and fascination with the street culture that exists within it. Instead of telling the story of hip hop from the top down, "Uncovered" will tell the story from the streets up.

Five All is producing the project alongside Executive Producer Malcolm Spellman ("Empire," the upcoming "Falcon and Winter Soldier" series) and Academy Award– and Emmy Award–winning Lightbox Entertainment ("Whitney," "LA 92," "Searching for Sugarman").

The series is executive produced by Five All's Douglas Banker, Jonathan Chinn and Simon Chinn of Lightbox, Eugene “Big U” Henley, Jimmy Chriss, Malcolm Spellman, and Rashidi Natara Harper.